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September 14, 2017
Healthcare experts Bernie Sanders has recently introduced Medicare For All legislation that is being backed by at least 16 Democratic senators. To discuss Sanders' single-payer plan, WMC SheSource has a list of experts in health policy, elderly care, reproductive health, and medicine.
Recently Added Experts
Katrina Karkazis
Senior Research Scholar
Stanford University
Areas of Expertise: Education, Health, Science and Technology, Social justice

Ms Stephanie Vardavas, Esq.
Law Office of Stephanie J. Vardavas
Areas of Expertise: Sports

Maureen Lake, MA, IAHC
Maureen Lake LLC
Areas of Expertise: Education, Health, Parenthood, Women's issues

Alexandra Bell
Senior Policy Director
Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation
Areas of Expertise: Diplomacy, Europe and Central Asia, International, National security, Nuclear, Security and Military, Terrorism

Julie Drapier
Impetus Finance
Areas of Expertise: Business and the Economy, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Finance, Health, Women in business, Women in STEM, Women's empowerment, Women's leadership

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