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September 06, 2018
Experts on Brett Kavanaugh, Texas ACA lawsuit, Laquan McDonald, Nike & Kaepernick, Twitter & Facebook hearing, Massachusetts primaries, new book Fear, Amazon $1 trillion stock, and Tropical Storm Gordon This week WMC SheSource features experts on: • Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing • the Texas Affordable Care Act lawsuit • the trial for the police officer that shot Laquan McDonald • Nike's new ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick • Jack Dorsey and Sheryl Sandberg speaking to Congress about Twitter and Facebook's impact on elections • the Massachusetts primary elections this week • White House reaction to newly released book Fear: Trump in the White House • Amazon hitting $1 trillion in stock • Tropical Storm Gordon
Recently Added Experts
Elizabeth B. Hessami, J.D., LL.M.
Adjunct Professor
Linfield College
Areas of Expertise: Climate change, Environment, Europe and Central Asia, Gender-based violence, International, United Nations

Hon. Rebecca Kaplan, Esq.
Oakland City Councilmember At-Large
City of Oakland
Areas of Expertise: Activism and advocacy, Addiction/Drugs, Climate change, Criminal justice, Environment, Feminism, Guns, Hate crimes, Homelessness, Housing, Intersectionality, Law, LGBTQIA, Politics, Race and ethnicity, Religion, Reproductive health, Science and Technology, Social justice, Spirituality, Sports, Tax, Transport, Women and Politics, Women's leadership

Eileen Scully
Founder, CEO
The Rising Tides
Areas of Expertise: Activism and advocacy, Business and the Economy, Feminism, Sexual harassment, Women, Women in business, Women in STEM, Women's empowerment, Women's issues, Women's leadership

Maya Rodale
Bestselling author
Maya Rodale
Areas of Expertise: Arts and Culture, Feminism, Media and Entertainment, Women's empowerment

Melanie Wendy DiSalvo
virtue + vice
Areas of Expertise: Activism and advocacy, Asia, Environment, Fashion, Trade, Women's empowerment

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