It's Cute That Conservatives Think Colbert is Serious

According to a study by OSU conservatives don't know that Colbert says ridiculously conservative things as a form of hilarious satire. Yeah, they would think that.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I am fairly certain Colbert is kidding.

Item One: 2006 White House Speech (although they thought he was serious here, too)

Item Two: Jane Fonda on the Report - he's so in on it. And kudos to Jane Fonda, badass feminist herself, for being one of the first people I've ever seen to shock Colbert and turn it all back on him. 

I also heard about a (positive! supportive!) segment with Gloria Steinem but I can't find it. If anyone can please let me know!

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Julie Zeilinger
Founding Editor of The WMC FBomb
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