Ms. Sofana R. Dahlan is CEO and founder of Tashkeil, a Saudi Arabia-based social enterprise that  Incubates  & promotes Creative Entrepreneurs by providing them with a platform and access to network in order to assist them with their  Business operations, branding, strategic positioning and legal matters. Tashkeil also helps foster the skills and creativity of Arab designers and facilitating their direct participation in the development of the region. She was chosen in 2011 to participate in the Harvard Executive program “Leading for the Future: The Arab Region in a Changing World” where she represented Tashkeil's Scio-Economic Cycle as a social platform for change and development. As a legal scholar, she has worked in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Kuwait. She completed a Bachelor in Law (LL.B.) degree and a Masters degree in Islamic Law at the Faculty of Law in Cairo University and received her MBA degree from the American University of Technology. She is the first Saudi female to be given permission to study law by the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education. Since 1999, she has served as a legal consultant for the Husam Wegfi Law Office, the Meshari Al-Ghazali law firm and as a legal adviser in Comparative Arab Law for the Quraysh Institution for Law & Policy in Kuwait. Sofana is currently a member of the board of directors of the RSDFHD Foundation for Human Development, a foundation focused on building leadership capacity in the field of human development in the Arab World. In 2011, Sofana was the first Saudi to serve as a fellow for the UNAOC in a tour of Europe and the US. In December 2011, she was a panelist on the Creative Industry in Doha’s UNAOC Forum, where she was also selected to close the session with Sheikha Moza. 2012, She was a speaker in Pecha Kucha Beirut and Beirut Design Week where she spoke about Creative entrepreneurship. She was The first Middle Eastren Participant to Join  The Amsterdam school of creative leadership Program . She writes extensively on topics such as women’s rights, social values and interreligious dialogue and has appeared on Al Jazeera, LBC, and in Arab News.

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