Sheerine is an attorney and the co-founder and co-director of Healing to Action, a non-profit organization building a worker-led movement to end gender violence. A legal expert on workplace sexual violence, Sheerine has forged strategic partnerships across the nation to develop community-based, survivor-centered responses to gender-based violence against low-wage workers. Sheerine received the prestigious Skadden Fellowship in 2011 to launch a project at the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation that advanced workplace justice for survivors of sexual violence. In addition to litigating sexual harassment, sexual assault, and civil rights cases, Sheerine co-founded the Coalition Against Workplace Sexual Violence, a collaboration between rape crisis agencies, civil rights organizations, workers centers, and government agencies. Sheerine has published on the intersection of economic inequality and gender-based violence in numerous legal and media publications, including New York University Journal of Law & Social Change, Michigan Journal of Gender & the Law, Wisconsin Journal of Gender, Law & Society, Huffington Post, Role Reboot, Chicago Reporter, and Labor Notes. Her work has been cited in over a dozen law review articles as well as a Nevada Supreme Court decision.  Prior to co-founding Healing to Action, Sheerine served as a judicial law clerk on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. She currently co-teaches a course on international human rights at Northwestern University Law School. Sheerine is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Sub-specialties: Workplace sexual violence, sexual harassment, low-wage workers, undocumented workers, LGBT workers, pregnant workers, employment discrimination, labor organizing, women-led community organizing, gender violence in low-income communities, violence against immigrant women and girls, violence against women of color.



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