Rev. Alexia Salvatierra is the Executive Director of CLUE-CA (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice of California), a statewide alliance of interfaith organization of religious leaders who come together to respond to the crisis of working poverty by joining low-wage workers in their struggle for a living wage, health insurance, fair working conditions and a voice in the decisions that affect them. CLUE-CA’s mission is to build a faith-rooted movement for economic justice throughout California. CLUE-CA has a commitment to the development of young religious leaders of all faith traditions. CLUE-CA understands that economic justice requires respect for human rights, and is one of the coordinating agencies of the national New Sanctuary Movement, in which congregations accompany and support immigrant workers and their families facing deportation.

Rev. Salvatierra is an ordained Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, with over 30 years of experience in interfaith and community ministry, community organizing and legislative advocacy. She has been awarded the Changemaker award from the Liberty Hill Foundation, the Stanton Fellowship from the Durfee Foundation and the Prime Mover award from the Hunt Alternatives Fund.