Pamela Chomba is a Dreamer and activist, born in Lima, Peru. While working in Texas (2014) for a an electoral campaign, she realized she could not fix the electoral process if 11 million undocumented immigrants lived without status, including families with U.S. citizen family members, like her own. Through story-sharing trainings and advocacy, Pamela mobilized support for Dreamers in the Northeast to speak to Congress and demand a legislative process that will also grant her a pathway to citizenship. 

Born in Peru, Pamela came to the United States with her family members when she was 11 years old in 2001. Pamela has a 13-year-old brother who is a U.S. citizen, while Pamela and her siblings are DACA recipients. Some of her family member remain in limbo, with no pathway to citizenship, and vulnerable to deportation. Pamela is the Northeast Organizing Director at where she works with Congressional advocacy and elevates grassroot-driven organizations to fight for legislation that would protect Dreamers like her. 

Before joining, Pamela worked for democratic candidates in statewide campaigns, including Wendy Davis' Gubernatorial race and then Mayor Cory Booker's first Senate Campaign. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in History from Marist College. 

Pamela cross-stitches and learns Korean on her spare time with her cat CJ.



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