Nikki Fortunato Bas is executive Director of the Partnership for Working Families. She leads the Partnership’s network of 17 regional affiliate organizations, who bring together coalitions of community groups, labor unions, environmentalists, people of faith and women’s organizations to build more just, sustainable and democratic cities. The Partnership wages campaigns to give all working people, especially of color, a voice in our community, access to jobs with dignity and a healthy environment where we can raise our families. We organize to build worker and community power and pass smart policies by developing local capacity to win, providing expert assistance and creating a peer-learning network that cultivates emerging leaders. Our coordinated local campaigns create a new vision of what is possible and show a practical path toward a just society on a national scale.


Nikki has over 25 years of experience in the social justice movement. She is a nationally recognized expert on worker rights and economic development issues. She has appeared in The Hill, The Huffington Post and San Francisco Chronicle.



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