Mary Nugent teaches classes in Gender politics, US politics, UK politics, and political theory in the Department of Political Science at Rutgers University, where she also a Doctoral Candidate. Mary is originally from the UK, and after receiving an undergraduate degree from Cambridge University, worked in the UK Parliament for an MP. Before starting her PhD in New Jersey, Mary worked as a debate coach, and has taught people to debate in 15 different countries.  She holds a Masters degree and is currently writing her doctoral dissertation.

Mary’s research centers on women in politics, and how the increased presence of women may change political institutions. She has done research on women in the European Parliament, the ‘quality’ of women elected via quotas in parliaments in the UK and Tunisia, and on women in post-conflict Northern Ireland. She is also working on a project about the representation of young people in parliaments around the world.  Mary also has expertise on women in US politics, and wrote a piece for the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog about twitter discourses around Hillary Clinton.

Mary also has an interest in prison education; as a judge for a debate program in a prison in upstate New Jersey, Mary was quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Guardian, and was interviewed on BBC Newsnight. She currently tutors inmates weekly at a correctional facility in New Jersey.


Sub-specialties: UK Politics, Gender Quotas, Sexism in Politics

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