I am a founding co-Director of the Human Security Collaboratory and an assistant professor of English at Arizona State University, where I specialize in feminist digital media, digital civil rights, histories of quantification, and technologies of commemoration. I direct our new Graduate Certificate program in Digital Humanities and am currently a Fellow of the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics.

I currently direct a grant program to address violence against women online, which has established the Center for Solutions to Online Violence, and have spoken with national and local media on topics relating to harassment, digital security/privacy, and cultural expectations in digital cultures. I have a digital project on the history of eugenic sterilization in California at I’m also working on a monograph that traces long histories (21st century to 16th century) of particular technologies like, self-tracking devices, mortality and body counts, and accounting/ledger technologies like Blockchain.

My other affiliations include ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Synthesis, the Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Identity, and the Nexus Lab for Transdisciplinary Informatics and Digital Humanities.

Sub-specialties: Human security in 21st century techno-culture, Quantified self culture – both current and historical, Collective commemoration through body counts, History of mortality statistics and actuarial tables, Long term oppression of communities through uneven technology uptake, also known as “network effects”, History of “big data” and knowledge production, Digital Humanities, Online misogyny, Online Harassment & Free Speech