Imani Perry is a Professor in the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University. She is an interdisciplinary scholar who studies race and African American culture using the tools provided by various disciplines including: law, literary and cultural studies, music, and the social sciences. She is the author of the forthcoming book More Terrible, More Beautiful, The Embrace and Transcendence of Racial Inequality in the U.S as well as 2004’s Prophets of the Hood: Politics and Poetics in Hip Hop and has published numerous articles in the areas of law, cultural studies, and African American studies, many of which are available for download at:

She also wrote the notes and introduction to the Barnes and Nobles Classics edition of the Narrative of Sojourner Truth. Professor Perry teaches interdisciplinary courses that train students to use multiple methodologies to investigate African American experience and culture.

Perry received a B.A. from Yale, a Ph.D. in American Civilzation from Harvard and J.D. from Harvard Law School all by 27 years old. 2 years later she received an LLM from Georgetown University Law Center. Prior to joining the Princeton faculty, she taught for 7 years at Rutgers School of Law in Camden, and has been a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and an adjunct professor at the Columbia University Institute for Research in African American Studies, and Georgetown University Law Center. Follow Perry on Twitter @imaniperry



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