Dr. Gina Pieters is currently studying the use and impact of cryptos (such as Bitcoin) in international markets, and has published multiple academic papers on the topic. Her research has shown that Bitcoin can be used to detect manipulation of official exchange rates, the consequence of regulations on Bitcoin prices, and examined the distribution of cryptos transactions around the world. She has won numerous teaching awards due to her ability to explain difficult, technical concepts to a lay-audience

She is a Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Chicago, and an Honorary Research Fellow at Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), University of Cambridge - Judge Business School. Formerly, she was Assistant Professor of Economics at Trinity University (Texas) and a Research Fellow at University College London - Centre for Blockchain Technology.  She completed her undergraduate degrees in Physics and Economics at University of California, Santa Cruz, and her PhD. in Economics at the University of Minnesota.

Sub-specialties: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Digital Economy, Exchange Rates, International Pricing, Blockchain, Ethereum.



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