Biola Jeje is an organizer, digital strategist, and writer.  Her writings have been featured in InTheseTimes, The Root, The Nation, Alternet, and more. From 2013-2017 she served on the board of the Participatory Budgeting Project, a nonprofit organization that empowers people to decide together how to spend public money, primarily in the US and Canada. She is also a playwright, her first play Conversation in Perdition was produced by the Castillo Theatre in 2011 as part of their Young Playwrights of Castillo program.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, she became politicized through youth theatre in New York City. From there she has worked in the student movement, with labor unions, and in racial and environmental justice. In 2012 she helped organize the first National Student Power Convergence and was a co-founder of New York Students Rising, a statewide student network dedicated to the defense of public higher education.

She is currently a Communications Manager at the Working Families Party.



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