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Alida Brill

Alida Brill

Alida Brill is a feminist writer and advocate for women and girls. Her latest book is Dancing at the River’s Edge: A Patient and Her Doctor Negotiate a Life With Chronic Illness, a dual memoir, written in collaboration with her physician Dr. Michael D. Lockshin. She is the author of Nobody’s Business: The Paradoxes of Privacy (1990); and co-author of the landmark book, Dimensions of Tolerance: What Americans Believe About Civil Liberties (1983). She is the editor of A Rising Public Voice: Women in Politics Worldwide (1995). Her writing appears in popular and professional periodicals and journals and on webzines. She has been a featured speaker at a variety of conferences for more than twenty-five years, and a guest lecturer at many universities and colleges in the Unites States and abroad. A frequent contributor to anthologies, her longer essays and monographs include: “Tomorrowland at 40: Lakewood, California,” in Rethinking Los Angeles (1996); “From the Shards,” in To Mend the World: Women Reflect on 9/11 (2002). A WMC Progressive Women’s Voices alumnae, she blogs at From This Terrace (www.fromthisterrace.com).

Alida Brill is a WMC SheSource expert on Health, Politics and Social Justice.


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