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The Women's Media Center publishes articles written by a diverse group of journalists on our website every week, distributes them by email to our subscribers and promotes them on social media. Our goal is to increase women’s influence in the media and shape the way news is reported and issues are discussed.

In order to value the work of women writers and out of respect for your writing, we offer an honorarium for articles published on the site.

Here’s what we are looking for:

WMC Features:

We look for timely stories and commentaries that provide a missing feminist perspective on news events, underreported topics, stories that analyze the media’s treatment of women, and stories about women in the media industry. Personal perspectives are welcome. We avoid straight profiles, celebrity interviews, and reviews unless the reporting/commentary is in a context of investigating issues of concern to women in such areas as women and work, the environment, human rights, choice, and women as leaders and peacemakers.

Send ideas to: features@womensmediacenter.com

Examples of Women's Media Center Features

WMC Women Under Siege

We accept story pitches on women and violence around the world. Please first make sure we have not recently covered the article [link] you are pitching, and that you are pitching a story, not a topic [link to https://www.poynter.org/2012/6-questions-journalists-should-be-able-to-answer-before-pitching-a-story/185746/]. We also accept pitches from freelancers who want to write new conflict profiles. Send ideas to: lauren@womensmediacenter.com.


The WMC FBomb seeks pitches and/or full submissions from teen and college-age feminists. The WMC FBomb publishes responses to current events, personal essays, and interviews—all from a young, feminist perspective. Please submit to fbombsubmissions@gmail.com.

WMC Speech Project:

WMC Speech Project welcomes pitches for stories about online harassment, feminism and freedom of expression, digital security and media and tech diversity. Please sent pitches to soraya@womensmediacenter.com

To submit a pitch, please follow these guidelines:

·   Pitches should be 1 or 2 paragraphs in length

·   Final articles should be 600 to 800 words (although we are flexible on this)

NOTE: We rarely reprint articles that have already been posted on other sites.

Please note: The Women's Media Center receives many more pitches than we can publish. We will make every effort to contact you quickly if we are interested.