Judith Hand is a scientist and author, a futurist who speaks and writes on the subject of war. She offers a message of hope, based on a sound biological foundation, that we could end the use of war to resolve conflicts if we choose. Her emphasis is not on depicting what is wrong, something familiar to us, but on what we can do about it.

Dr. Hand earned her Ph.D. in biology from UCLA. An evolutionary biologist, her areas of specialization included animal behavior, ornithology, and primatology. After completing a Smithsonian Post-doctoral Fellowship at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., she returned to UCLA as a research associate and lecturer. She is a member of a number of professional organizations among them the International Society for Human Ethology (ISHE), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the American Ornithologists Union (AOU), and San Diego Professional Writers (SDPW).

Her undergraduate major was in cultural anthropology. Her interest in behavior was both field and lab oriented: she studied the vocalizations and conflict resolution of gulls in their island breeding colonies in the U.S. and Mexico and worked as a technician in neurophysiology laboratories at UCLA and the Max Planck Institute, in Munich, Germany. For the last decade she has concentrated on war, doing research on why we make war, the means by which we could end war and on global movements seeking paradigm shift that could include empowering women and ending war.

As a student of animal communication, she has written scientific papers on social conflict resolution. Her most recent work on social conflict includes a book, Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace, which addresses the biological differences between women and men with respect to aggression, the existence of nonviolent cultures, the effects of the agricultural revolution on the power relations between men and women (to the detriment of women), the phenomenon of “hidden females,” in which female biological preferences for nonviolent conflict resolution go unrecognized, and the necessary steps required to change our culture of war.

She has also written A Future Without War, a series of essays found at the website which she has developed and which outlines a unifying strategy to create a “warfare transition” that would be analogous to the “demographic transition.” This strategy incorporates a broad spectrum of factors necessary for success: the importance of promoting liberal democracies, promoting the art and science of nonviolent conflict resolution, providing essential resources to communities globally, maintaining stability and order within society, empowering women, and fostering tolerance and human connectedness.

An enthusiastic and inspiring speaker, she has been interviewed on radio and television and has presented her talks to such groups as the Gender and Equity Resource Center, UC Berkeley, and in San Diego to the San Diego Coronado Rotary, Executive Women’s Council of the University Club, the LEAD program at UC San Diego, and numerous branches of The American Association of University Women and Brandeis University Women. She was an invited speaker to “Up The River Endeavors” on Martha’s Vineyard in 2005 and to a noon seminar in the Anthropology Department at Harvard University. She participated in 2006 in a workshop with Arun Gandhi for the annual meeting of the Institute for Violence, Abuse, and Trauma. In 2011 she spoke at the national meeting of the American Humanist Association and the annual meeting of the International Humanist and Ethical Union in Oslo, Norway.

She is an active participant in or keeps contact with a number of San Diego organizations that are working on various aspects of creating a better future such as the Joan Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, Voices of Women, and the Foundation for Women. She has served on the board of the local committee for The Peace Alliance, a national effort lobbying for the establishment of a U.S. Cabinet level Department of Peace and Nonviolence.

In addition to her work as the founder of A Future Without War, she is a free-lance writer of historical fiction, contemporary action/adventure, and political suspense. For more information about her work, fiction and non-fiction, see her website, Dr. Hand tweets from @JudithHand



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