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WMC Investigation: 2018 analysis of gender and Oscar non-acting nominations - full report

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A new study finds the number of women Oscar nominees grew only slightly in Academy Awards given for non-acting categories this year — despite a concerted push by women and their allies to achieve greater representation for females in all parts of the film industry.  Men represent 77 percent of the nominees for behind-the-scenes roles, according to a report by the Women’s Media Center.

The percentage of women barely inched up to 23 percent, from 20 percent last year, in the 19 major non-acting categories that feature writing, editing, producing, and directing roles. 

Press release: Little progress for women in Oscar nominations for non-acting awards,study finds 77 percent of all Oscar nominees in behind-the-scenes roles are men

Infographic: WMC investigation: 2018 analysis of gender and Oscar non-acting nominations

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