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The Index: The Cost of Violence Against Women

Cost of sexualized and domestic violence in the U.S. estimated per year in 2003, in billions: 5.8

Overall cost of health care in this estimate, in billions: 4.1

Cost of rape in this estimate, in millions: 319

Cost of physical assault in this estimate, in billions: 4.2

Total economic burden of intimate partner violence in Ecuador in 2003-2004, in millions: 109

Amount Australian businesses lose per year because of the effects of intimate partner violence, in millions: 465

Costs estimated for health, judicial, social, educational, employment, and psychological components of violence against women in Spain in 2002, in billions: 2.9

Amount lost in earnings and productivity per year in the U.S. from sexualized and domestic violence, in billions: 1.75

Percent of Vietnam's GDP represented by out-of-pocket expenditures and lost earnings in 2010: 1.41

In England and Wales, the total costs from violence—including homicide, wounding, and sexual assault—per year, in billions of U.S. dollars: 40.2

Percent of the UK’s GDP represented by total costs linked to domestic violence, including reduced well-being: 10

Estimated cost by one study of “personal crime” in the U.S., in billions: 105

That plus the estimated cost of pain and suffering, in billions: 450

Total value of paid work lost due to rape in the U.S., in millions: 38.6

The number of dollars mental health care costs per incident of intimate-partner rape in the U.S.: 323

The mean cost per intimate-partner rape in the U.S. among victims who actually receive treatment: 978

Percent less of income earned by abused women in Vietnam in 2010 than that earned by women who were not abused: 35

Estimated cost to the U.S. Armed Forces of sexual harassment within the organization during 1988, in millions (at the time of writing in 1994): 250

Estimated net benefit of the 1994 U.S. Violence Against Women Act, in billions of U.S. dollars: 16.4

*All costs are estimated in U.S. dollars


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Lauren Wolfe
Journalist, former director, WMC Women Under Siege
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