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The Index: Sexualized Violence at Home

Percent of women worldwide who have experienced either intimate partner violence or non-partner sexualized violence in their lifetime: 35

Perpetrators of rape of women since age 18 that are men (as a percent): 100

Perpetrators of rape of men since age 18 that are men (as a percent): 70

Number of times more likely an American boy who has witnessed domestic violence is likely to abuse his own partners as an adult: 2

Of 100 women questioned in the country of Georgia, number who said they believed domestic violence was a private affair that should not be spoken about outside the home: 75

In Ireland, number of women who have been in a relationship and have been abused by a current or former partner: 1 in 5

Women in rural Tanzania who said their first sexual experienced was forced (as a percent): 17

In rural Peru: 24

In rural Bangladesh: 30

Number of married women out of 100 asked in Matlab, Bangladesh, who said they had been sexually abused by their husbands: 50

Percent of women in Yokohama, Japan, who had ever been married, lived with a man, or had a regular sexual partner who reported sexualized violence at home: 6

In Sao Paulo, Brazil: 10

In Auckland, New Zealand: 14

Of Japanese respondents who had ever been pregnant, percent that said they had been beaten or kicked by their husband or partner during at least one pregnancy: 1

Percent of respondents in Sao Paulo, Brazil: 29

In Pernambuco, Brazil: 38

Number of women in Bangkok out of 100 who said they’d been sexually abused before age 15: 9

When interviewed face-to-face, percent of women in Ethiopia who said they’d been sexually abused before age 15: 1

When interviewed anonymously: 7

In Ethiopia, combined percent of women who said they’d experienced either physical or sexual abuse from their intimate partners: 71

In Japan: 15

Number of men out of 100 asked in a study in the Democratic Republic of Congo who agreed that “women should accept partner violence to keep the family together”: 65

Of women who did not seek help for physical abuse at home in Samoa, percent who said they had not done so because they thought such abuse “normal,” or not serious enough to seek help: 86

Percent of U.S. domestic violence victims that are women: 85

Approximate percentage of U.S. rapes committed by someone known to the victim: 75

Average age of a U.S. rapist: 31

Percent of U.S. rapists that are white: 53

Amount of domestic violence incidents that involve repeat offending: nearly 2/3

Number of teenage girls who’ve been in a relationship and said a boyfriend threatened violence or self-harm if presented with a breakup: 1 in 5

Combined days of paid work lost by domestic violence victims in the U.S.: 8 million

Seconds that pass before a woman is assaulted or beaten in the U.S.: 9

Cost in dollars of intimate partner violence in the U.S. per year (including medical services and productivity losses): 5.8 billion


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Lauren Wolfe
Director, Women Under Siege
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