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The Index: Peacekeeper Rape, by the Numbers

Total number of allegations of sexualized violence reported in 2015 against United Nations personnel, according to the UN: 99

Number of confirmed attacks on women and children by the UN in 2015 in countries with peacekeeping missions: 69

Number of UN personnel serving in peacekeeping operations in 2015: 124,746

Number of countries with current UN peacekeeping missions in which personnel were accused of sexualized violence in 2015: 9

Number of UN peacekeeping missions currently operating globally: 16

Number of UN peacekeeping missions in Africa in late 2014: 9

Percentage of sexualized violence allegations against UN personnel in 2015 in African countries: 80

Number of reported allegations against UN staff in Central African Republic in 2015: 22

Percentage of women who experience sexualized violence by the age of 15 in CAR: 47

Number of reported allegations of rape by UN staff in Democratic Republic of Congo in 2015: 16

Number of rape cases reported in a nine-month period in 2014 in Congo, according to the United Nations Population Fund: 11,769

Number of reported allegations of rape by UN staff in 2015 in Mali: 5

Number of perpetrators involved in a single allegation of rape in Mali in 2013: 10

Allegations of sexualized violence against UN staff members or UN volunteers in 2015: 15

Rape allegations in 2015 involving military personnel, including UN military observers: 38

Rape allegations in 2015 against police personnel, including UN police officers: 16

Number of allegations in 2015 in which investigations had been completed by late January 2016: 17

Number of allegations of paternity due to rape by UN staffers reported to the UN in 2015: 15

Number of paternity claims established: 2

Number of allegations of sexualized violence referred for investigation by UN between 2010 and 2014: 285

Of those, number of investigations still ongoing: 6

Allegations against UN personnel that were found to have been substantiated in that period: 106

Percent of allegations against UN personnel, statistically, that are substantiated: 40

Number of investigations into confirmed allegations between 2010 and 2014 in which information is still pending before any action can be taken: 30


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