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Storify: Using video to document human rights abuses

On Wednesday, WMC Women Under Siege hosted a Twitter chat with Matisse Bustos Hawkes, associate director of communications and engagement for Witness, an organization that uses video and other technology to defend human rights.

The chat was about documenting human rights violations and introduced the new Witness manual, “Video as Evidence Field Guide,” that can help people working in the field to potentially film human rights abuses.

The guide helps inform citizens and activists on how to use their footage to not only film human rights violations but also play a part in the civil or criminal justice process. The manual “sets forth guidelines, techniques, practices and ideas to help you collect and document video to the highest possible standard,” thus ensuring that “investigators, analysts, lawyers, and judges can rely on the video when making decisions about a person’s innocence or guilt in a criminal investigation or about remedies in a civil case.”

To read more about the guide and how to document abuses, read the Storify below. 

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