WMC Women Under Siege

#SiegePhoto contest! Send us your photos of women in conflict

Calling all photographers—professional and amateur!

Our project is about sharing information about what women are facing in conflict areas around the world—and how sexualized violence affects their lives. To that end, we’d like to ask that you join us directly in this effort.

Until March 1, we’re asking you to send us your photos from all corners of the earth. Send photographs you’ve taken of women in warwomen facing violence or coping with it, or women empowered in conflict areas, and we’ll choose a winning photo and feature an interview with you and the image on our site. (The winning entry will feature your work such as we did here and here.) We’d love to hear an interesting backstory: How did you come across this scene? What was it like to be there? Show something with heart—an image you are moved by and/or you think the world should see.

What to send: Send a link to your photo on a website or a JPEG no larger than 2.5 MB and no smaller than 1 MB.

Where to send it: You can tweet us the link using the hashtag #SiegePhoto or you can email the image to siege@womensmediacenter.com. For photos larger than 2.5 MB, please send to that address via WeTransfer.

Words to send with the image: Who, what, when, where, and, if possible, why the photo was taken. A few lines about yourself.

Deadline: March 1

Hashtag: #SiegePhoto

We’ll notify the winner by March 7. Good luck!


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