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Less than 350 days to go till it’s #16Days again! Some thoughts to keep you going till then

On November 25, the Center for Women’s Global Leadership launched its annual 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. The campaign, which convened activists and experts in the field in Twitter talks, urged users to ask questions, and use the hashtags #16Days and #GBVTeachin. This year’s theme was, “Let’s challenge militarism and end violence against women.”

But we here at WMC’s Women Under Siege got in the game and presented our own challenge: With #16Days, could the media, we asked, keep violence against women in the spotlight? After all, we said, if the press had done a better job, maybe there would have been a number of laws put into place already to stop violence on college campuses. Maybe Bill Cosby would have been tried years ago.

Following the end of the #16Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign, WMC’s Women Under Siege has gathered some of the best tweets out there in the hope that this action, this dialogue, this advocacy doesn’t stop here. We can do more. We must.

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