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A hacker told me to return to the kitchen; I didn’t go

It’s been an interesting couple of days. Gloria Steinem (our project’s founder) and I wrote an op-ed for The Guardian about what we’re calling the “cult of masculinity” and its role in rape in conflict and gang violence. The reaction to the op-ed, however, wasn’t pretty.

The evening it came out, my personal website was hacked with a misogynistic message. To paraphrase, I’m supposed to go back into “the kitchen.” I’ve written about the incident on my personal website—I posted a screenshot of the hacker’s demeaning image. In addition to the intrusion, we also received hundreds of angry comments on the piece, which you can also read about in my post. Gloria’s thoughts are there too about the malevolent reaction we’ve received. But the reason I’d like you to click over to it for the most part is not just to see the hatred up close: I’d like you to read down through the comments readers are leaving. You might be inspired, as I am.

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Lauren Wolfe
Director, Women Under Siege
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