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WMC Live #172: Andi Zeisler, Brenda Berkman, Lauren Wolfe. (Original Airdate 6/18/2016)

Robin on the Orlando massacre and homophobia; also on Trump, guns, and the Stanford rape sentence. Guests: Andi Zeisler warns of commercialized feminism; Brenda Berkman on women firefighters; Lauren Wolfe's Congo report about violence against women. Andi Zeisler: BitchMedia.org » On Twitter (@andizeisler) » We Were Feminists Once: From Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl®, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement on Amazon » Brenda Berkman: UnitedWomenFirefighters.org » Lauren Wolfe: WomenUnderSiegeProject.org » On Twitter (@WomenUndrSiege) » On Twitter (@Wolfe321) »

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Brenda Berkman
Firefigher, artist
Lauren Wolfe
Journalist, former director, WMC Women Under Siege
Andi Zeisler
Writer, author, editor
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