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WMC Live #169: Negin Farsad, Kathy Spillar, Hope Jahren. (Original Airdate 5/28/2016)

Robin on Obama, Trump, Sanders—and manhood. Guests: Muslim feminist comic writer/filmmaker Negin Farsad; Feminist Majority Exec. Director and Ms. Editor Kathy Spillar; geobiologist and best-selling author Hope Jahren. Plus Surrealism Corner and We Won This! Negin Farsad: NeginFarsad.com » HowToMakeWhitePeopleLaugh.com » 3rdStreetBlackout.com » On Twitter (@NeginFarsad) » On Facebook » Kathy Spillar: Feminist.org » On Twitter (@FeministCampus) » On Twitter (@FemMajority) » On Twitter (@MajoritySpeaks) » MsMagazine.com » On Twitter (@MsMagazine) » Hope Jahren: Lab Girl on Amazon » On Twitter (@HopeJahren) »  

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Kathy Spillar
Executive Director, Executive Publisher
Hope Jahren
Author, geochemist, geobiologist
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