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WMC Live #167: Gloria Steinem, Regine Sawyer, Andrea Pino. (Original Airdate 5/14/2016)

Robin on what Trumpism really means, and what's next. Guests: Gloria Steinem reveals her new adventure; Regine Sawyer discusses the world of women and comix; Andrea Pino organizes against campus sexual assault. Plus Tweet of the Week and We Won This! Gloria Steinem: GloriaSteinem.com » On Twitter (@GloriaSteinem) » On Facebook » Viceland.com » Viceland on Twitter (@viceland) » Regine Sawyer: LockettDown.com » WomenInComicsCollective.org » Andrea Pino: EndRapeOnCampus.org » We Believe You: Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out on Amazon »

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Gloria Steinem
Co-founder, Women's Media Center, writer, activist
Regine Sawyer
Founder & Coordinator
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