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WMC Live #153: Irin Carmon, Julie Burton, Amber Fares & Jessica Devaney. (Original Airdate 1/30/2016)

Robin on Bernie, the Davos Economic Forum, and a Saudi fatwa against chess. Guests: Irin Carmon, author of The Notorious RBG; Julie Burton on a new Women's Media Center Report of media coverage on repro rights; filmmakers of fab doc SpeedSisters. Irin Carmon: On Twitter (@irin) » The Notorious RBG on Amazon » Julie Burton: WomensMediaCenter.com » On Twitter (@womensmediacntr) » Amber Fares & Jessica Devaney: SpeedSisters.tv » On Facebook »

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Julie Burton
Women's Media Center President
Irin Carmon
Journalist, author
Amber Fares
Director, producer, cinematographer, Co-Founder
Jessica Devaney
Producer, Founder
Rabab Haj Yahya
Documentary editor
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