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WMC Live #152: Marianne Schnall, Danielle Citron, Renee Tajima-Peña & Virginia Espino. (Original Airdate 1/23/2016)

Robin on Bad Dads: the Koch brothers' papa, plus Ted Cruz's—and Ted's wife Heidi. Guests: Danielle Citron fighting cyberhate; Marianne Schnall on Feminist.com's 20th Anniversary; "No Mas Bebes" filmmakers. Catholic Bishops in the Surrealism Corner. Danielle Citron: CyberCivilRights.org » WithoutMyConsent.org » Renee Tajima-Peña & Virginia Espino: No Más Bebés on PBS.org » Marianne Schnall: Feminist.com » MarianneSchnall.com »

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Danielle Citron
Professor of Law, Author, Scholar
Virginia Espino
Historian, Professor, Public History Activist, Co-Producer
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