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WMC Live #134: Somi, Devaki Jain, Kakani Katija. (Original Airdate 7/18/2015)

Robin comments on Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman publication controversy, South Carolina (again), and women in media abroad. Guests: East African singer-songwriter Somi; bioengineer of marine life Kakani Katija; legendary Indian Gandhian feminist activist Devaki Jain. Kakani Katija Kakani Katija on NationalGeographic.com » On Twitter (@KakaniKatija) » On Facebook (KakaniKatija) » Monterey Bay Aquarium » On Twitter (@MBARI_news) » On Facebook (MBARInews) » Somi SomiMusic.com » On Twitter (@SomiMusic) » On Facebook (SomiMusic) » Devaki Jain DevakiJain.com »

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