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Jenny Warburg

Jenny Warburg Photojournalist

Jenny Warburg is a freelance photographer and former social worker living in Durham, NC.

Her photographs have appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, People, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Ms., O, The Guardian (UK), and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report. Her photos have also appeared in numerous books, documentary films, television documentaries—most recently HBOs film on Gloria Steinem—and news programs such as Nightline, Good Morning America, the Today Show, 20/20 CNN,  and PBS.

She has spent many years documenting the activities of ultra-conservative religious groups, violent extremists, and neo-nazi organizations for various publications and groups that monitor the far right. Other assignments have included work for various senatorial and presidential candidates. She has covered every political convention since 1988. She serves on the advisory board of Ms. Magazine and has served on the board of many non-profit organizations both locally in NC and nationally.