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May 01, 2018
Experts on Korea, immigration, T-Mobile-Sprint merger, primary elections, Guantanamo Bay, DOJ removal of press freedom, a universal flu vaccine, the NRA, trade war, and Iran This week WMC SheSource features experts on: • Korean leaders pledge peace after 65-year-old war • the U.S. stopping a caravan of immigrants crossing the border • the T-Mobile and Sprint $26.5 billion merger • upcoming primary elections • Defense Secretary James Mattis's proposals for Guantanamo Bay • the Justice Department deleting language about press freedom from its manual • Bill Gates pledging $12 million in funding for a universal flu vaccine • President Trump speaking at the NRA's annual meeting this week • today's trade war deadline • and Iran stating that U.S. cooperation with Saudi Arabia will further destabilize the Middle East
Recently Added Experts
Ann Roselle, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC
Psychiatric nurse practitioner, courtesy faculty at Yale
GAP Clinical Care and Research, LLC
Areas of Expertise: Activism and advocacy, Guns, Health, Mental health, Social media

Froswa' Booker-Drew, PhD
Author. Consultant. Trainer.
Soulstice Consultancy
Areas of Expertise: Humanitarian, Intersectionality, Parenthood, Philanthropy, Race and ethnicity, Relationships, Social justice, Women, Women's empowerment, Women's issues, Women's leadership

Tiffany Stevens, Esq.
CEO & President
Jewelers Vigilance Committee
Areas of Expertise: Advertising, Arts and Culture, Environment, Human rights, International, International development, Law, National security, Science and Technology, Trade, United Nations, Women in business, Women's leadership

Mary Honey B Morrison
New York Times Best-Selling Author
Areas of Expertise: Feminism, Gender-based violence, Relationships, Sex education, Sexual harassment, Sexualized violence, Social justice, Violence against women, Women, Women in business, Women's empowerment, Women's issues, Women's leadership

Regina Huber
CEO & Founder
Transform Your Performance
Areas of Expertise: Africa, Americas, International, Race and ethnicity, Women, Women in business, Women's empowerment, Women's issues, Women's leadership

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