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November 27, 2017
Experts on taxes, budget talks, DACA, Meredith Corp buying Time, the Pope in Myanmar, Congressional harassment accusations, CFBP directors, and 16 days of violence against women awareness This week WMC SheSource features experts on the tax reform bill removing the health care mandate; the federal budget; White House meeting on DACA on November 28th; Time, Inc. being sold to Meredith Corp. with backing from the Koch Brothers; the Pope visiting Myanmar amidst the Rohingya Muslim crisis; sexual harassment protections in Congress the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's two acting directors; and the campaign for 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children.
Recently Added Experts
Aly Palmer
Musician / Producer / Activist
Areas of Expertise: Activism and advocacy, LGBTQIA, Media and Entertainment, Women's empowerment

Biola Jeje
National Organizer
Working Families Organization
Areas of Expertise: Climate change, Higher education, Labor and Employment, Race and ethnicity, Social justice

Lina Rozbih
TV/Radio Managing Editor
Voice of America
Areas of Expertise: Arts and Culture, Feminism, Hate crimes, Human rights, Journalism, Media and Entertainment, Politics, Race and ethnicity, Social justice, Television, Terrorism, Violence against women, War, Women, Women and Politics, Women's empowerment, Women's issues, Women's leadership

Courtney J. Boddie
Director of Education/School Engagement
The New Victory Theater
Areas of Expertise: Arts and Culture, Education

Dr Sue Cook
Ice Shelf Glaciologist
Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems CRC
Areas of Expertise: Climate change, Environment, Science and Technology

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