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November 15, 2017
Experts on Roy Moore, CA shooting, Jeff Sessions before Congress, nuclear strike limitations for the president, Zimbabwe, 33,000+ dead, Lebanon's missing PM, and climate change talks This week WMC SheSource features experts on • the sexual misconduct allegations that face Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore • the shooting in rural California that left 4 dead • Jeff Sessions appearing before Congress to discuss Russia, federal eavesdropping, and Hillary Clinton • the U.S. Senate considering whether to put limitations on the president's power to launch a nuclear strike • the military takeover in Zimbabwe • a German newspaper list that names the more than 33,000 migrants who have died trying to enter Europe between 1993 and 2017 • Lebanese President Michel Auon declaring that Prime Minister Saad Hariri is being held hostage in Saudi Arabia following his abrupt resignation • and the UN climate change talks that are currently happening in Bonn, Germany.
Recently Added Experts
Shannah Compton Game, Certified Financial Planner, MBA
Areas of Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Relationships, Women, Women in business, Women's empowerment

Roberta Baskin
Areas of Expertise: Activism and advocacy, Business and the Economy, Education, Health, Higher education, Human rights, Journalism, Media and Entertainment, Public health, Social justice, Spirituality, Television, United Nations, Women in business, Women's empowerment, Women's leadership

Kerri Hoffman
Areas of Expertise: Media and Entertainment, Women in business

Heloisa Pait, PhD
Tenured Assistant Professor
São Paulo State University
Areas of Expertise: Americas, Arts and Culture, Diplomacy, Elections, Feminism, Higher education, Human rights, International, International development, Internet, Journalism, Media and Entertainment, Politics, Pop culture, Poverty, Social justice, Social media, Television

Elspeth Williams, MPH
Associate Director, Policy & Government Relations
Population Council
Areas of Expertise: Activism and advocacy, Africa, Feminism, Gender-based violence, Health, HIV/AIDS, Human rights, Humanitarian, International, International development, Philanthropy, Politics, Public health, Reproductive health, Science and Technology, Sex education, Sexualized violence, Social justice, Travel, Violence against women, Women, Women and Politics, Women's empowerment, Women's issues, Women's leadership

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