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September 25, 2018
Experts on Brett Kavanaugh, Rod Rosenstein, limit on green cards, Bill Cosby, interest rate increase, SiriusXM and Comcast, the UN General Assembly, and voter registration This week WMC SheSource features experts on: • Brett Kavanaugh and the additional allegations facing him • the potential firing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein • the limit placed on green cards for immigrants on public aid • Bill Cosby's sentencing • the Federal Reserve's interest rate increase • acquisitions made by SiriusXM and Comcast • the UN General Assembly • voter registration
Recently Added Experts
Rachel Peric
Executive Director
Welcoming America
Areas of Expertise: Activism and advocacy, Immigration, Race and ethnicity, Social justice, Women's leadership

Dr. Ellen Gruber Garvey, Ph.D.
New Jersey City University
Areas of Expertise: Advertising, Arts and Culture, History, Immigration, LGBTQIA, Media and Entertainment, Pop culture, Race and ethnicity, Women

Celeste Viciere, LMHC
Areas of Expertise: Activism and advocacy, Addiction/Drugs, Homelessness, Mental health, Relationships

Keetie Roelen, PhD
Research Fellow
Institute of Development Studies
Areas of Expertise: Africa, Asia, International development, Poverty, Social justice, Social security, Women's empowerment

Dr. Melita M. Garza, PhD, MBA
Associate Professor
Texas Christian University
Areas of Expertise: Business and the Economy, History, Immigration, Journalism, Labor and Employment, Politics, Race and ethnicity, Women in business

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