I'm Zoe Quinn and I make weird stuff. Sometimes games, sometimes photography, sometimes articles about jamming microchips into myself, and sometimes I just literally breathe fire. Iäó»m probably best known for creating Depression Quest, but most of my work centers on either telling bad jokes or making game development more accessible to people. You can see a lot of the stuff I'm actually proud of here (please don't look at the folder full of garbage games labeled SHAME on my desktop) and if you like all this free stuff consider helping me continue to make it. I do a lot of different stuff and my work is kinda scattered all over the internet, but this should serve as a central hub. Iäó»ve had my writing published elsewhere on Cracked, Kotaku, Giantbomb, and some other sites. I've also cofounded an online mob harassment hotline called Crash Override, and cofounded Online Abuse Prevention Initiative, a group that works with tech companies to find software solutions to social problems.

Expertise includes: online harassment & free speech



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