Vanessa Valiente is San Diego's #1 Personal Stylist and original fashion blogger (Est. 2007). Before becoming a personal stylist, she started her career styling for television programs starring the likes of Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild, and Joe Manganiello.

Valiente is Mexican American, and is an expert in style, fashion, and blogging. She has been featured in Reuters, New York Magazine, NBC news, Seventeen Magazine, National Geographic, Business Insider and more.

As a personal stylist, Valiente believes it is her dedication to efficiency and passion for people that has made her the most sought after stylist in San Diego with clients flying in from Dubai to New Zealand to work with her.

She created V-Style to deliver supplemental consulting to her clients, and provide relevant fashion and travel advice for successful women around the world. Each blog post recommends well researched, high-style garments and quality products she has put on her clients and/or used herself. Valiente's thorough testing ensures that V-Style only features flattering fashion that works for women's full lives.

Sub-specialties: Fashion In The Workplace, What To Pack For Any City, Best Styles for Any Body type, Fashion Blogging, Small Business, Shopping Advice, Versatile Fashion, Eco-Friendly Fashion, Fashion After 40, Flattering Fashion



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