Twanna A. Hines, M.S., is an award-winning educator, columnist, and TV and radio commentator focused on the sociology of sexuality and its relationship to culture and Internet technology. She has appeared on CNN, NPR and Sirius, and contributed to Time Out New York, Lifetime, Mashable, Nerve, New York Press, Fast Company magazine, and the Huffington Post as well as CBC (Canadian National Radio), Paris Première (French Television), and Al Jazeera. She is a columnist for METRO, a daily newspaper printed in 15 languages in 19 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America, reaching 17 million readers a day. She has been quoted in a host of outlets throughout the U.S., from New York magazine to the San Francisco Chronicle. Founder of FUNKY BROWN CHICK®, an online destination offering healthy relationship and reproductive health education for adults, she has spoken at Harvard University and to Wellesley College alumnae.

Twanna has 15 years experience in education, and she has received certified training in medically- accurate, evidence-based sex education. Hines has taught a broad range of majors with differing levels of academic competencies in both small and large enrollment classes. Her comprehensive approach to education prepares individuals to participate in an increasingly interconnected world, and her commentary on immigration is included in the textbook Migration and Immigration: A Global View. She has worked with health policymakers and elected officials and for the University of Chicago, Newsweek, and U.S. State Department. Having lived in London, Chicago, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles and The Hague, she speaks English and Dutch fluently.

Regularly invited to speak about Digital Strategy & Branding at conferences such as South by Southwest (SXSW) and NYC Grassroots Media Conference, she has worked with health policymakers and been engaged by BBC Worldwide and Newsweek.

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