T.F. Charlton is a writer, editor, and researcher whose work focuses on the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality in American culture. She is the editor of Are Women Human?, which she founded in 2010 to bring an antiracist and queer feminist perspective to critiques of misogyny in U.S. Evangelical Christianity, and give voice to her experiences as a Black, 1.5 generation Nigerian immigrant growing up in predominantly white, conservative, patriarchal churches.

She works at WGBH in Boston as a Digital Content Editor, and editorial and social media manager for PBS's News & Then, an history and social justice interactive digital project. She is an Associate Research Fellow at Political Research Associates, tracking pushback from the U.S. Religious and Political Right against racial, gender, and LGBTQ justice.

Her writing has been featured in The Guardian, Salon, Religion Dispatches, R.H. Reality Check,, and other outlets.

A graduate of Duke University and former Ph.D. Candidate in Harvard's History of Science program, she lives in the Boston area with her family.

Follow Charlton on Twitter @graceishuman.



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