Stephanie Thomas is a Disability Fashion stylist and thought leader with over two decades of experience following clothing trends for people with disabilities (PWD). She has produced and presented disability fashion styling segments on the WB Cable Channel and CBS TV. Her photo shoots featuring actors and athletes with disabilities have been featured in People, Huff Post, S Moda and more. Stephanie also edits and writes about fashion/ lifestyle issues for PWD on April 2016 she will launch cur8able live style scopes on Periscope. Born with missing digits on her right hand and feet, Stephanie personally understands the challenges of shopping and dressing with disabilities. In 2004, she developed the Disability Fashion Styling System, a litmus test to empower PWD and their dressers. She is also a former TV reporter/producer and on-air radio personality. Stephanie has worked as a voiceover actor for over a decade and continues to be the trusted voice for many commercial clients including McDonalds, Jet Blue, Disney and Hoover. Currently she is an adjunct Fashion and Speech professor at The Art Institute of California, and is developing Disability Fashion Styling curriculum for fashion and occupational therapy students. In addition, she is completing her first Disability fashion styling eBook and presenting her first TEDx Talk summer 2016. Stephanie holds a BA in Business Administration/Marketing from Sullivan University, an MA in Communications from Regent University, and an MA in Fashion Journalism from The Academy of Art University. 

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