Stacy Bannerman is the author of HOMEFRONT 911: How Families of Veterans Are Wounded by Our Wars (2015) and WHEN THE WAR CAME HOME (2006). She is the Founder and Chief Executive of Women’s EcoPeace, a nonprofit focused on unleashing the power of women to protect the planet, promote peace, and secure and preserve sacred land in climate refugia. Stacy is the only peace activist in US history to testify before Congress three times, and singlehandedly spearheaded the passage of several bills. She is leading a groundbreaking campaign calling upon the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System to Divest from the War Machine. Her work includes actively supporting the indigenous tribes of Colombia who are caring for the single most important nature reserve on the planet.

Ms. Bannerman has been deeply engaged in the non-profit and education arenas for more than 25 years as an advocate, editor, executive, instructor, and consultant. She has created flagship programs for women veterans, caregivers of disabled veterans, incarcerated/adjudicated women, and at-risk populations while serving as the founder and director of The Sanctuary for Veterans and Families, the founding Executive Director of Sanctuary One, and the Program & Marketing Director at Genesis II for Women.

Stacy is a nationally-recognized leader in the effort to end the Iraq war and the country’s top expert on post-9/11 military families and caregivers of veterans. She was a charter Board member of Military Families Speak Out and currently serves on the Steering Committee. She was the Executive Director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Outreach Center, and co-created and produced a human rights multimedia campaign that was nominated for an advertising award. A compelling speaker with a powerful message, Stacy has conducted more than 600 multimedia interviews, including Hardball with Chris Matthews, BBC, Deborah Norville on MSNBC, the Lehrer News Hour, NBC Nightly News, The Connection on PBS/NOW, and a feature story in the Washington Post.

Stacy has a M.S. in Women’s Studies, Magna Cum Laude, from Minnesota State University, an MFA, and a B.A. in International Relations.  She attended the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute’s Center for Visionary Leadership, and the Doctoral program at Wisdom University, and has served as adjunct faculty at Gonzaga University and elsewhere.  Stacy is profiled in the book, Compassionate Rebels (2002), has written more than 60 articles for, The Daily Beast, Salon, The Progressive, The San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Woman, Tacoma News Tribune, Truthout, The Women's Media Center and many others.   

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