Soma Bhadra, CEO of PROTEUS Consulting, is an Innovation Consultant and Technology Integrator across Water, Energy, and CleanTech Sectors. Soma has the intuitive ability for identifying gaps in markets and developing new markets in those gaps. Soma has a BE is Civil Engineering from Bengal Engineering and Science University, India; and a MS in Environmental Engineering from University at Buffalo (SUNY), and has over 14 years of experience in design, construction, and operation of water, wastewater, ultra-pure, and recycled water treatment plants and conveyance systems. Having lived and worked in US (NY, NC, and CA), Australia, and Singapore while managing creative teams over multiple continents to deliver large multi-faceted projects across a range of disciplines, she has the experience in generating results and has a broad and unique perspective about the water related issues and solutions from around the globe. With PROTEUS Consulting, she is altering the way the water industry works by infusing new ideas and products from Energy, IT, Communications, and Economics sectors. She is also a very committed supporter of Water For People. Soma lives in San Diego with her husband and two adorable poodles. In her spare time she experiments with fusion cuisine and teaches Indian cooking classes.

Soma has strong opinions and perspectives supported by lateral and insightful commercial and strategic rationale. Her passion is contagious. She gets excited by big transformational ideas and is able to infectiously stoke the fires of those around her. With her well-honed aesthetic appreciation and inspiring leadership style, she helps her clients to push the boundaries of what they thought was possible.

Soma tweets from @SomaBhadra.

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