• Philanthropy, women’s economic development, civic engagement• Spearheaded Collaborative Fund for Women’s Economic Development, pioneering microfinance initiative• Established Katrina Women’s Response Fund

Sara K. Gould, President and CEO of the Ms. Foundation for Women, is a strategic innovator in philanthropy, an expert on women’s economic development and civic engagement, and a leader in the contemporary women’s movement.

The Ms. Foundation, founded 35 years ago to propel the burgeoning women’s movement, currently supports over 150 grassroots and national advocacy organizations led primarily by and for low-income women and women of color who are driving change on behalf of women, families and communities nationwide.

Upon joining the Ms. Foundation in 1986, Gould spearheaded the Collaborative Fund for Women’s Economic Development (CFWED), a pioneering grant-making initiative that has generated more than $10 million in support for organizations assisting low-income women’s entrepreneurship and cooperative business development. CFWED garnered the Foundation a Presidential Award for Excellence in Microfinance in 1999, while the collaborative fund model has been replicated by funders nationwide.

Gould leads key economic justice programs at the Foundation, including the Women and Labor Leadership Fund and New Voices, Proactive Strategies, which addressed the needs of women working in low-wage sectors. She also created the Institute on Women’s Economic EmPOWERment (1998-2006), a training institute for grassroots women leaders on economic justice, civic engagement, and political activism.

In 2005, she established the Katrina Women’s Response Fund, which has since channeled more than $2 million to groups on the Gulf Coast led primarily by low-income women and women of color who are driving change throughout the region.

Ms. Gould has appeared on the “Today,” “Good Morning America,” Fox News, CNBC, National Public Radio, Air America Radio and Pacifica Radio. She has been featured in numerous newspapers nationwide including the Financial Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Chicago Tribune. Her commentary has also been published in online publications such as the Huffington Post and Alternet.



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