Rebecca Thiess joined the Pew Chritable Trusts as the Fiscal Fedralism Initiative's Senior Associate in September 2015. Prior, she was a Policy Analyst at Americans for Financial Reform from 2013 until 2016 and a Policy Analyst at the Economic Policy Institute from 2010 to 2013. While at EPI, she has put together a number of budget reports, including “Investing in America’s Economy”, as well as the Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget alternatives, the “Budget for All” and “Back to Work Budget”. Prior to joining EPI, Rebecca worked as a policy analyst for the New America Foundation, where she focused on budget and tax policy as well as Social Security and health care reform. She has also worked as a Budget Policy Analyst for OMB Watch, a nonprofit government watchdog organization. Rebecca has a Master’s in Public Policy from Duke University, where she completed a master’s project on the pension system for state workers in North Carolina. Her areas of interest include the federal budget, deficits, Social Security and pensions, public investment, and income distribution and poverty.



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