Where have all the good guys at work gone? Rania Anderson, one of only a handful of global experts on equipping men and business leaders with the skills they need to intentionally advance women in the workplace, says they are everywhere and far outnumber the Harvey Weinsteins of the world. 

Rania is also the leading authority on the professional advancement of women in emerging economies. She is a global speaker, an award-winning author and an executive business coach.

Rania contends that most men want to mentor, sponsor and support women – contrary to the #MeToo movement’s suggestion of pervasiveness – but they just don’t know how. And while she unequivocally acknowledges that sexual harassment obviously exists, she insists the majority of men are just as disgusted by it as everyone else.

Through her decades of work advancing female professionals and as executive business coach, Rania is increasingly approached by men who want to know how they can interact most effectively with women on the job. She believes that instead of shaming or blaming all men for the bad behavior of some men, we should arm the good guys with the tools they need to drive their business results by ensuring that women have the same opportunities as men.

An economist at heart, Rania teaches men, managers and leaders that their success and that of their organizations hinge on the intentional advancement of women. She developed a ground-breaking behavioral model that helps managers more deliberately recruit, retain and promote women.

She shares her expertise at corporations including Fortune 100 companies such as American Express, Barclays Bank, GM, Microsoft, P&G and PwC and at conferences and universities around the world.

She is author of the acclaimed book, Undeterred: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies, the first career advice book expressly written for educated women in developing and emerging economies and the author of the forthcoming book, WHAT WOMEN WANT FROM MEN AT WORK, Improve Your Results and Win in Business by Recruiting, Retaining, and Advancing Women.

Rania began her career at Bank of America where she worked in several capacities including a senior leadership role. In 1997, she started her executive business coaching and consulting practice and works with leaders around the world. She is founder of The Way Women Work, a career advice platform.

Rania is originally from the Middle East, where she grew up. She earned a Master’s degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University with an honors concentration in International Business and an undergraduate degree in Business from Oklahoma State University.

 In 2015, the prestigious International Women’s Forum awarded her the Women Who Make a Difference Award, and the Diplomatic Courier named Rania a Top Global Woman making a difference in 2012. She also is co-founder of the seventh Women's Angel investor network

 ever formed in the United States, which comprises 45 women investors who invest equity in high-growth, women-led businesses.

She is fluent in English and conversational in Arabic and Spanish.

Connect with her on Twitter @TheWayWomenWork  and LinkedIn

Sub-specialties: equipping male leaders to advance women, career advancement of women in developing and emerging countries, executive business coaching, angel investing in women-led business,

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