Rahna Epting is the Election Program Managing Director at Previously she served as Every Voice's Chief of Staff. At Every Voice, she oversaw the strategic implementation of the program to win, helped support the supervision and development of staff, and served as an ambassador to the money in politics efforts across the country.

Prior to joining Every Voice, Rahna worked at the Service Employees International Union in various capacities. In the role of Member Political Programs Director, she designed, developed and managed four national programs to engage SEIU members across the country in politics – from recruiting and supporting labor activists to run for office, to activating union retirees to fight for the passage of the Affordable Care Act, to developing member leaders throughout the union. While at SEIU, Rahna also lobbied President Barack Obama's Administration in support of the Workforce Investment Act, Child Care funding, and the prevention of government imposed furlough days.

Rahna's work at SEIU was preceded by her service in the State of Oregon running the Oregon Bus Project's PolitiCorps program – a ten-week summer bootcamp for youth designed to train and place them in political campaigns. While working at the Bus Project, she was recruited to be a Wellstone Action trainer and has trained with Wellstone off and on for over seven years. Most recently serving as a trainer for their Fair Courts team, supporting state work to advance fair courts legislation and practices. She's continues to be committed to youth organizing and currently sits on the Board of the Bus Federation Civic Fund.

Follow her on Twitter @Rahnabannana.



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