Rachel Chanel Adams is an American entrepreneur and human rights activist. She was first exposed to the value of community and advocacy while earning her Bachelors of Science in Consumer Science.  Currently, as an executive at Complex Entertainment, Rachel uses her position to help and motivate other women aspiring careers in the entertainment industry. Her company has worked on projects including SXSW and the MTV EMAs. She has rare expertise in festival and concert booking, and producing events and entertainment in developing nations, which is a critical live entertainment concept to understand.  Navigating the business world has also has shown her there is a need to redefine the perception of women in the business sector, one where females can have flexibility to hone their inherent skills, receive equal respect of their male colleagues, and develop into the gatekeepers of their respective industries. The vital part of this process is redefining gender roles and addressing issues affecting women of color.

Rachel began her commitment to human rights with the Center for American Progress and with President Obama’s initiative Organizing for Action.  She serves as a board member for Girls PACT based in Los Angeles, CA, a non-profit focusing on combating unplanned teenage pregnancies of young women, ages 15-24.  She is also the Senior Advisor for the Asociación Sol y Luna in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru, which provides assistance for people in rural Peru and a school providing holistic services, including serving as the only school in the province to accept disabled children.  She worked with the local government to ensure a strategic alignment that allows access for all students, develop systems for preparedness, and goals for protection and promotion of solutions to social and economic problems. She is actively involved with many other non-profit organizations, including the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID).

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