Laura P. Schaposnik is an Argentinian Assistant Professor in Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she arrived in 2015 after holding two postdoctoral positions (in Heidelberg and UIUC). Prof. Schaposnik obtained her DPhil (PhD) at the University of Oxford in 2013, and her doctoral studies were funded by a prestigious Clarendon Award (through Oxford University Press).

Since arriving to the US, she has received an NSF Research grant (DMS-1509693), as well as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship. Schaposnik's research lies within geometry and mathematical physics, looking into the interplay of these two areas. Since 2013, she has written 23 papers and in particular, it should be noted that in the last years she has begun a program to understand the appearance of symmetries within different sciences, and she has published three papers with her students in this direction (in highly regarded journals in Biology and Physics).

Whilst maintaining a highly active research program, Schaposnik has also made significant contributions to the American mathematics community: in the last few years she has given over a hundred research talks, and she has received over $750,000 in funding for her activities which have included, for example, the organization of 19 research conferences and several outreach events for minorities in STEM subjects. Since 2017 Prof. Schaposnik is the co-chair of the AMS Joint Committee for Women (JCW), and her endeavours both as a female mathematician and an award wining researcher, have been covered by the main newspapers in Argentina (Clarin and La Nacion in 2009), as well as by the Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM Newsletter) and UIC News.



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