Minal Bopaiah is the Editor of Subscription Site Insider, and is responsible for the extensive resources published by Insider. Each month she scours the market and hunts up the great case studies from which we all learn and crafts how-to content to put it all into practice. In addition she authors the in-depth benchmark reports that have become a hallmark of the franchise.

Minal has a high profile in the paid content business serving as key speaker at a number of industry events. Her pivotal role as editor gives her a good view to share on what it takes to succeed in paid content - and how to avoid the mistakes that can sink the enterprise. Her recent engagements include: Folio's MediaNext event, the Specialized Informational Publisher's Association conference, the Financial Publishers Roundtable, and many premium webinars.

Prior to joining Subscription Site Insider, Minal served as a consulting managing editor for a number of websites covering global development and as a researcher for Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street and its international co-productions. When she's not cleaning out her email inbox, she loves receiving story ideas and questions from readers and journalists.

Minal tweets from @mbopaiah and @SubSiteCentral

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