Mella is a professional session singer, songwriter and producer with an expertise in top line writing. She is the co-founder of Telly Award Winning company Brain Stamp Music. With over ten years of experience, she has completed songs for musicians around the globe. Her book, Way Less Cowbell, is an expert guide to studio communication and is currently available on her website. Her studio album was self - written, produced and performed and is available on iTunes and all media outlets.

“Mella is a singer/songwriter whose pop music reflects a complicated life and a myriad of feelings. That’s one reason I identify so strongly with her songs: We often don't know what life will throw at us or how we’ll react to it. Mella’s songs are beautifully crafted, from her fluid lyrics to the mix of keyboard, acoustic guitars and solid beats that back them up. Her vocals are lovely, reminiscent of Sara Bareilles at times and of Feist at others. Mella also has the enviable ability to write metaphorical lyrics that roll off the tongue. Her most joyful tune, “Tangerine,” is a love song that showcases this lyricism. Her other tunes show a more ambivalent side: “Outer Space” describes the excitement and uncertainty of taking a leap of faith and leaving one’s past behind, and “It’s Complicated” is, well, complicated. One of my favorite songs, “Brother,” may be autobiographical in its depiction of triumphing against the worst odds. Its catchy, rolling beat remind me of Carole King and more recent Ingrid Michaelson tunes. "Find Me" is another favorite; a beautiful tribute of a love song. If there’s one video to watch today, It’s Mella’s live recording of “It’s Complicated," which I've linked to below. Only accompanied by an acoustic guitar, Mella's perfect vocal is candid and rare.
- TIW Music 2013

OK, i'm excited!! I just bartered for the rights to use a song called "Tangerine" by awesome indie artist Mella,, for possibly a session of Mixing Lessons/Audio Sessions. OK, so envision all of those cool quirky pop songs they use for Apple commercials. this is that. Only this has a super cool factor attached because its also all live instruments. all live quirky unique instruments, plus a quirky singer and a really fun song. Its going to be an excellent session of mixing lessons and as importantly, its going to be a great experience for you folks at home to be able to do your own mix of this song. I guarantee you that you haven't come across some of these instruments in a mix session.
- Ken Lewis, Engineer for Jay-Z, Kanye West, et. al.

A voice with a mix of Natalie Merchant and Colbie Caillat with a touch of soul. Deep, powerful songwriting reminiscent of Joni Mitchell. These comparisons are just a few of Mella's influences. "It's hard to describe what you sound like when your influences are so varied!" she says, "I try to create a new sound and use true life stories when I write my songs." Starting from childhood, Mella was quick to move into the songwriting scene in her hometown, Detroit. "As soon as I could drive, I went to every studio I could find," she said, "I just wanted a chance. Eventually they gave me a shot and I started writing hooks for rap songs." The rest, as they say, is history. She began playing at local Detroit venues and touring the local area, opening for bigger artists and headlining packed shows. For Mella, music is all about the connection with the listener. "When I was younger, music helped me get through some really tough times," she said, "it saved me. And if I have the chance to help someone through my music, I can think of no greater way to give back. That would mean everything to me."
- BlogTalk Radio 2014


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